Google scholar my name or use DBLP to find my publications plz.

Google Scholar: Click Here

DBLP: Click Here and Here

I have published in the following Computer Science conferences:

2011 – ICIQ (International Conference on Information Quality), Adelaide, Australia

2011 – ECIS (European Conference of Information Science), Helsinki, Finland

2011 – ADC (Australian Database Conference), Perth, Australia

2011 – DASFAA (Database Systems for Advanced Applications) – DQIS (Data Quality for Integration Systems) Workshop, Hong Kong

2010 – BIS (Business Information Systems) Berlin, Germany

2010 – VLDB (Very Large Database Systems) – PhD Workshop, Singapore

2009 – APWeb (Asia Pacific Web Conference) Sozhou, China

2008 – ICEIS (International Conference of Enterprise Information Systems) Barcelona, Spain

Older Publications

2007 – SPS-DARTS, Antwerpen, Belguim

2006 – ICAIET, Sabbah, Malaysia

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