About Naiem Yeganeh

I have more than a decade of programming experience in various fields. I love to work on data. I suffered enjoyed a few years to get a PhD on database systems, specialised in Data Quality.

The biggest lesson I learned from all those years in industry and academia, is that there is so much left to do and learn about data. We need to work really hard. There is no place for mediocrity when you think there is a world to change – with data.
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One Response to “About Naiem Yeganeh”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Hey. I am currently a Junior in Computer Science at UIUC and just came across your Kinect Gesture Language idea. I was doing some kinect stuff for a course, and your idea interested me. If you are still working on this and need help let me know because I would love to contribute.
    Thank you

    Thanks mate. I believe the kinnect gesture recognition database idea is a good one and is certainly worth spending some time. Unfortunately I have not been able to work on it as yet. If you are interested, go ahead and kickstart the project and let me know about it.

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