Cost of war in Electric Cars unit

Cost of Iraq and Afghanistan war in about a decade? $1.4E12

Cost of an average electric car today? $4E4

Considering 50% discount reduction when ordered in tens of millions!

Cost of war ~ 70M electric cars. (Half of the U.S. fleet)

Note: 98% of oil is burned in vehicles.



If the money spent on war was spent on electric cars, U.S. would be independent from oil import.

Electric cars would have been affordable already. Therefore, rest of the world would reduce oil consumption.

Therefore, funding for terrorist would have gone. Saudi arabia, Iran, Qatar, etc. wouldn’t have enough surplus to fund terrorism.

And world would have been a much nicer place to live.


2 Responses to “Cost of war in Electric Cars unit”

  1. Chuck Conway (@chuckconway) Says:

    Interesting thought. There are supporting costs for electric cars, such as upgrades to the power grid to take into account. If half the population in San Francisco bought an electric car could the power grid support the extra power consumption?

    • naiem Says:

      I am sure such direct investment would not be practical, or at least as easy as I said. The real solution to such a fundamental problem would be comprehensive. About the capacity of grid, I am not sure about San Fransisco, but the sunny south could do it easier. Here in down under, I don’t even have a hot water tank except for the solar one, and hot water is 20%-30% of electricity consumption in cities. That 30% could supply my electric car, if I had any. Add this to the fact that electricity consumption is twice in the peak time in comparison to nights when most people charge their big gadget.

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