Easiest way to remember Covariance and Contravariance

I have seen people struggling to remember the definition of co and contra variance. Below are a few lines of code that help you keep it in mind. Just ignore the fancy names but remember that in .Net we use <in T> and <out T> instead of the fancy names when defining the type of variance allowed in generics. That should be enough for 100% of times.

in: CollectionAdder<Cat> is CollectionAdder<Animal> // Can add cats to a list of animals
 CollectionAdder<Dog> is CollectionAdder<Animal>
 CollectionAdded<Animal> is NOT CollectionAdder<Cat> // Can not add animals to a list of cats (animals can be dogs)

out: CollectionGetter<Cat> is NOT CollectionGetter<Animal> // Can not read cats out of a list of animals (animals can be dogs)
 CollectionGetter<Animal> is CollectionGetter<Cat> // Can read a bunch of animals out of a list of cats, all cats are animals by the way
 CollectionGetter<Animal> is CollectionGetter<Dog>


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